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What is a Domain Name?

wwwA domain name is essentially a website address. Every website can be found by a numeric address known as the Internet Protocol address or IP address. An IP address is a set of numbers like 12.345.67.89 which can be hard to remember. The domain name, like, is much easier to remember. This domain name needs to be registered with an organization called a domain registrar. That’s what we do. The registrar is then capable of informing all of the internet routers how to find They know that the website exists on a server identified by a set of nameservers, which are addresses which point to a specific server or group of servers. The server knows how to route incoming requests to the proper IP address and you get the content sent to your browser.

What is a Domain Name Extension?

Domain names and internet conceptThe extension for is the .com part. Originally when the internet was set-up, there were three extensions, .com, .net, and .org. “.com” was meant to be used for commercial (business) websites, “.net” for internet service providers, and “.org” for non-profit groups and organizations that were neither a business nor a service provider. That convention has gone by the way-side and you can find a variety of all types of sites using the extensions interchangeably.

There are also extensions that are country specific. You need to be living in or doing business in many countries in order to get those extensions, but not all. For instance in the USA you can get “.us” and in Canada you can get “.ca”. In Great Britain “.uk” is used.

The extension most widely known is .com. If you can, it is highly recommended you get the name you want with a .com extension. Register now with NicFair Domain Name Registrations.

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